About the Program

When You Succeed, We Succeed.

Welcome to the Platform.sh Community! We look forward to building a great business together. The Platform.sh Partner Program recognizes your expertise, rewards you for the total impact you have within the ecosystem, and delivers value to help scale your business.


Program Benefits

The portal includes all the business and marketing resources you need.


Marketing Tools

Access branding guidelines, logos and more. Interested in promoting Platform.sh with your service offering? Or, stratigically align through joint case studies, communications, events, and webinars.

Sales Tools

As a trusted partner, we provide you access to sales training guides and co-marketable assets to accelerate your sales cycle. Our team of solutions experts is available to co-sell and provide pre-sales support for all qualifying enterprise opportunities.

Deal Registration

Track your deals as you progress through our different program tiers. Deal registration makes tracking your progress and keeping track of your referrals, as easy as a button click. 

Training & Support

We want to invest in you and your team! Once you become a Platform.sh partner, we’ll help to get you and your team up and running quickly, beginning with introductory team training followed by access to a series of trainings and certifications.


We're now in a situation where we can spin up a branch for a specific feature and as soon as a developer has finished building it, it goes straight into QA. This dramatically improves our workflow and gives better visibility for our clients.

— Richard Jones, CTO Inviqa

Membership Requirements

Platform.sh Partner tier qualification combines both revenue and technical requirements.


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